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graham oakes

Graham Oakes

Victoria Proudfoot

Levity Art

Louise de Froment

Robbie Hudson

Thomas Whittle

Charlotte Eva

Teal Griffin

Holly Watson

Date of Birth - 1st May 1987
Home Town - Shrewsbury

University - Newcastle University
Fields I work in - Installation and Sculpture

Using mainly plastic based materials and oil I am currently creating fictional landscapes/cityscapes and exploring the notion of reality.

Rory Biddulph

Date of Birth - 11th November 1986
Home Town - Worcester

University - Newcastle University
Fields I work in - Sculpture, installation, film and contemporary critical writing

I am mainly influenced by architectonic spaces and existential and phenomenological philosophies. I create experiential environments or sculpture that induce memory, emotion, or imaginative responses, and attempt to force an individual to recognise themselves as being both sensing and sentient in the given space by playing upon the sensory encounter.

Shona MacPherson

Date of Birth - 20th July 1988
Hometown - York
University - Newcastle University

Fields I work in - Drawing, sculpture, installation

My main interest throughout my work has been the creation of temporary space, experimenting with transcience and permanence; solidity and lightness. I tend to work from a simple, minimal idea or word and try to discover something from these limits; creating a drawing of nothing; using only the colour white.