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The portfolios section of the site is a place for students to house their online portfolios. go arts does not allow you to make a portfolio however, there are already many sites out there that allow you to do this, go arts merely brings them all together in one place. You can create a portfolio anywhere, be it on or some other similar site, then all go arts needs is the web URL and anyone can visit the site and find your online portfolio. Online portfolios are the easiest way to get your works shown to the world, and many allow you to submit your CV and biography so all you need to give out to galleries or prospective employees is your web address for them to gain an insight into your work.

To get your online portfolio housed on go arts all you need to do is email your web address to;

The internet gives you a lot of choice when it comes to creating a free portfolio, a popular site for artists is Its free and easy to use. The portfolios are flash based, so not only are they easy to navigate but they look great as well.